who am I

My name is Carol Ferrés. I’m formerly a designer. I moved to the city of São Paulo in 2002, to work in the publishing market. I spent fifteen years working as a graphic designer, web designer and art director. Then I decided to stop what I was doing to understand my role in the world. In 2011 I started to design and implement actions and projects on the streets of São Paulo, driven by the distressing feeling that life in São Paulo needed attention. The word that moved me was care. Cafenarua was a city exploration and a urban design experience that lasted six years. During such period, I designed and implemented projects and urban interventions that questioned lifestyle in cities, using design as a tool for change and encouraging urban kindness. Below I describe what I've learned from this experience.

In 2015 I created together with a team a project called Blue City. Blue City addressed the underground rivers of Sao Paulo. We developed a platform that helped people find buried rivers around the city. We also made urban interventions and videos about it.

In 2016 I turned the project Blue City into a cultural producer. Through it I co-produced in 2017 and 2018 an environmental series named The Blue Cities, launched in 2019 and that ran through 10 Brazilian cities telling the story of its rivers.

In 2019 I started to work with digital marketing and now I am the marketing coordinator for companies Ferrés Economia, Teros Pricing and Teros Open Banking, and as director of the producer Blue City.

In 2021 the Blue City starts a mobile game named Blue City Mission, with the aim of rescuing the hidden nature of cities.

arts are catalyst for culture change
technology helps us design greener cities
communication helps spread mindset changes
urban experiences connect us to nature in cities
urban interventions are call-to-actions