have you ever thought that, if pinheiros river were clean, são paulo would have a beach?

Think about it.

A park right in front of a clean river.

Take a walk or ride a bike on its banks after work.

Lie down and sunbathe by the riverside.

We imagine this future.

We are going to transform Pinheiros river in this life.

In the the beginning of last century, the river was a meeting point for Ssão Paulo citizens.

Formerly, the river belonged to people and people belonged to the river.

For many years, Pinheiros river had on its banks sport clubs.

The distance between people and Pinheiros river reached its peak with the construction of the marginal avenues.

Also, it didn't help the fact that it bacame a sewer destiny.

But rivers are not sewage channels.

The map above shows how the river was in the beginning of the nineteen century.


And the dashed lines represents how it is nowadays, after the rectification project that began in the thirties.

Today, Pinheiros river is rectified and polluted.

Yet, every month bikers attend the bike path that follows its banks.

The bike path was opened in 2010 and it started to reconnect people to the river.

The bike path is 21,5 km long and follows the river course.

Bikers, as well as artists, pave the way for the evolution of cities.

Forty thousand people attend the bike path every month.

In 2014 we installed a mural telling the story of Pinheiros river.

The mural was a prototype to understand how it feels to occupy the river's margins.

It was 100 meters long and it was designed in partnership with Superinteressante magazine.

It was crossfunded.

Crossfunding happens when we mix private funding and crowdfunding.

It makes sense everybody participating when we talk about rivers and cities.

Watch the vídeo of the opening day.

We also made interventions at the entrance of Cidade Universitária train station.

Gráfica Fidalga was responsible for lining the pillars with a flyposting technique.

Petrus, the artist ahead of the job, designed capybaras, herons and fishes to remind us that there is still life on Pinheiros river.

It is likely that you will meet a capybara or catch a glimpse of one flying heron during the bike ride.

Many countries have already recovered urban rivers.

In many cities around the world, rivers waterfronts are spaces full of life.

Parcels once dominated by industries or highways are now open up to redevelopment, offering enormous opportunities to create new public spaces and rejuvenate old ones.

Linear parks follow rivers.

One river is only a river because there is green around it.

The green protects the river bed.

Linear parks are flat lands, because they are located in floodplains.

Good to walk and to ride a bike.

Good for people.

"Nothing is more important in human history than rivers.

We are able to pace time and space through its ebbs and flows and we perceive the territory thanks to them.

Many cities were founded based on its waters."

(Alexandre Delijaicov, professor of USP - Architecture and Urbanism University).



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