Blue City wants to change our relationship with water in cities.

For centuries cities have been treating their rivers and lakes as sewage channels and the result is we are not able to enjoy their presence and water.

rivers and lakes are not sewage channels

We create audio-guides, artistic interventions and videos that tell the story and reveal the connection between rivers, people and cities.

Watch the video of the first audioguide.

We want to change this mindset because water is a finite resource that we have to take care of. 

We want rivers to be part of people's life and heart.

Watch the video of the second audioguide.

we know this is a long journey and the only possibility is

to take the first step

We started in the city of São Paulo, in Brazil.

We created a platform that helps people find the lost and buried urban rivers of the city.

São Paulo has more than 300 hundred rivers polluted, buried and mixed with sewage.

let’s return clean water to the planet and free the rivers!